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Episode 678: Listener Feedback & News


The season may be over, but after a short pause, Rich and Jim dive into some listener feedback and catch up on some news from the worlds of MotoGP and World Superbike. -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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Episode 677: Grazie Vale


Valentino Rossi has finally called time on his great motorcycle racing career. The nine times champ rode his last race at Valencia. It was an emotion time as Luthi and Petrucci also raced their final races as well. Rich and Jim cover the Moto3 race and dissect the incident between Foggia and Acosta. The move on to the roller coaster of emotions that came from the Moto2 race and they try to figure out who oiled the track! Congratulations to Remmy for winning the World title. Lastly they discuss the last dance for the G.O.A.T. MotoGP was a red race that will be remember mostly for the man who finished tenth. Grazie Vale! -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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Episode 675: One to Go


Another championship was awarded this weekend in the Algarve! Pedro Acosta became the first rookie to win the light weight title in 31 years! While the Moto3 race was full of suspense, intrigue and drama, The MotoGp and Moto2 races were kind of a let down. Rich and Jim cover everything in detail, run off the track come back on. There is only one racing weekend left! -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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Episode 674: One Done, Two To Go


Wow! What a weekend! Congrats to Fabio for becoming the first world champ of the 2021 season. Jim and Rich review all the action from a crash-fest weekend. We give our thoughts on the new age limits and discuss all the other news including Honda's WSBK rider line up. We then chat about the drama filled weekend on the Adriatic coast! From crazy crashes to close title races its all covered in a 90 minute plus show! Grab two beers and enjoy! -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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Episode 673: Inside the Rider's Mind


Jim and Rich team up for a fill in show! They quickly cover some news and Rich updates us on the shown down in BSB that is set for this weekend. Jim has an interview with clinical psychologist Don Barnes of Perth, Australia. They dive inside the riders' minds to understand what drives them and answer the question how young is too young to race in a world level championship. Jim even discovers something about himself during the interview. Lay down on a couch and have a listen. -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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Episode 672: Dodging Bullets, Again!


Chaos in COTA! Rich and Jim talk you through all the craziness from the race in Texas. From a bumpy track that almost caused a rider strike to the horrifying events of the Moto3 race and the question of where did $100 million go, they cover it all. Jim gives you his take on being back at the races after almost 2 years away. Rich provides a theory on why the second satellite Yamaha does not have a rider yet, and to top it all off the Moto2 and Moto3 championships start to tighten up. This is a long one so grab a couple of beers and a comfy chair. -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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Episode 671: Doubling Down!


Well Jim and Rich return to talk about the San Marino Gp! (apologies for the lateness of the show!). In a rare occurrence, everyone who won last week won this weekend! They guys try to dissect what is wrong with Pedro Acosta and his lack of a race victory. In Moto2 they marvel over another stunning ride by Raul for a second consecutive victory. In MotoGP it was all about the weather or lack there off as Pecco ruled and Fabio increased his grip on the Championship. Enjoy! -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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Episode 670: Man, He Tried!


Rich and Jim are together again to bring you all of the action from Aragon! There was some gripping racing in Moto3 and Moto2 threw up a surprise winner. MotoGp was the best race of the day because of some fantastic action with just a couple of laps left. The guys cover all the silly season news and tackle the sly comments Jorge Lorenzo made about Fabio Quartararo. The news wraps up with the rumors about Rossi's MotoGp team. -- ©2021 MotoPod Twitter || Facebook || Donate!

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