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MotoGPod 2007-06-29


Episode 84: Half Assen Preview and Donington Wrapup * Silly Season and Listener E-mail * Donington Qualifying and Race Wrapup * Casey Stoner Interview (psych! Not me talking to him...) * Assen Preview, but Not Really Well Prepared.

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MotoGPod 2007-06-22


Episode 83: Donington Preview and a Tech Segment Re-Run * MotoGP News * Reader E-mail * Donington Preview and History Lesson * Lets Talk About Brakes

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MotoGPod 2007-06-15


Episode 82: Catalunya Wrapup * Reader e-mail * Catalunya qualifying and race report, plus a look at the standings * MotoGP on CBS? WTF? * Chat with Liam Shubert!

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MotoGPod 2007-06-08


Episode 81: Holy Cow, This is a Really Long Mugello Wrapup * Bob and Jules Mugello Wrapup * Chat with Liam Shubert * Chat with Chuck Aksland

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MotoGPod 2007-06-01


Episode 80: Bob's by Himself Again, Doing a Mugello Preview Show * MotoGP News * TVU Networks website...hmmm... * Reader E-mail * Mugello Preview with Audio Onboard Lap * A Quick Look at the Standings Going into Round 6

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MotoGPod 2007-05-25


Episode 79: Alice Grand Prix de Fwance Race Wrapup * Bob blathers on about his track day * Kurtis is goin’ to the show! * Did Vermeulen have ringer tires? * Bob and Jim Race talk about Le Mans

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MotoGPod 2007-05-18


Episode 78: Liam gets Shanghai'd! * Reader E-mail * Chat with Liam Shubert about Shanghai & LeMans

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MotoGPod 2007-05-12


Episode 77: Bob is Back and Rambles with Jules about China * Back from Iraq! * Shanghai Race Report * Thoughts on the 2007 Season

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MotoGPod 2007-05-03


Jerez wrapup - Istanbul wrapup - chat with Motoliam - news

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