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MotoGPod 2007-10-26


Episode 101: Ship to Shore, Malaysia Review and a Big Ol' Conference Call * Silly Season Redux Redux * Why Ship-To-Shore Shouldn't Happen by David Emmett * Malaysia Wrapup. -ish. * Three Way Conference Call with Jules and Liam

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MotoGPod 2007-10-19


Episode 100: Well, It's the 100th Episode. What can I say? * Reader E-mail * Announcement from Team KR * MotoGP News * Malaysia Preview * Ridiclously Long Chat with Jules, including an Australian GP Wrapup

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MotoGPod 2007-10-12


Episode 99: Sad News, Regular News, Technique Segment and a Chat with Liam * Norick Abe News * MotoGP News and Brief Update on FP1 and 2 at Philip Island * Riding Technique with Advice from Darren Carpenter * Long Chat with Liam (recorded prior to

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MotoGPod 2007-10-05


Episode 98: Trackday Roundtable and Tech Segment on Pneumatic Valves * Listener E-Mail * MotoGP News * Tech Segment about pneumatic valves, written by Scott Jones * Bob's trackday at Thunderhill * Roundtable at the trackday

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MotoGPod 2007-09-28


Episode 97: Motegi Wrapup with Jules Cisek, Listener E-Mail and General Blathering * MotoGP News * Listener E-Mail * Bob and Jules go on and on about Motegi, but the audio quality takes a dive * Commentary by Jules about article

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MotoGPod 2007-09-21


Episode 96: Estoril Wrapup with Jules Cisek and Motegi Preview * Marcus Dairy * Helpful Mac tip * Bob and Jules talk about Estoril, one of the most exciting races of the season * Motegi Preview

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MotoGPod 2007-09-14


Episode 95: Estoril Race Preview and a Talk with Toby Moody! * MotoGP News * Listener E-mail * Chat with Eurosport Commentator Toby Moody * Estoril Preview * Talk Like A Pirate Day

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MotoGPod 2007-09-07


Episode 94: Misano Race Report, Catching Up with Liam, and MotoGP Gets QuickTime! * Qatar 2008 Night Race * Misano Race Report * A Chat with Liam Shubert! * Editorial Complaining About

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MotoGPod 2007-08-31


Episode 93: Misano Preview, Reader E-Mail, and a Conversation with Liam * Reader E-Mail Response to Racing's Social Responsibility * Miller Motorsports Park for the International Set * Misano San Marino GP Preview * A Chat with Liam Shubert!

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