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MotoGPod 2008-11-18


Episode 111: Some Totally Off Topic Blathering and a Call with Liam Shubert! * News (sort of), e-mail, and odds n ends * Laguna Seca Travel Notes Redux * Call with Liam Shubert!

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MotoGPod 2008-01-11


Episode 110: Rants, Track Day Stuff, Reruns, what more can you ask for? * Some ranting. Well, actually, a lot of ranting. * Doug Hagy with Shadow Video Productions * Tech Segment - Suspension systems (rerun from Episode #38)

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MotoGPod 2007-12-28


Episode 109: Say It Ain't So Carmelo... * Still More About Track Bikes, But Brief * Chat with Jules Cisek About Possible Control ECU * Toseland Going On A Diet! * Five More Years of Rossi

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MotoGPod 2007-12-21


Episode 108: So, You Want A Track Bike... * MotoGP News * Chat with Darren Carpenter, More About Track Bikes!

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MotoGPod 2007-12-07


Episode 106: Mostly Blathering * Blathering about Listener E-Mail * Blathering about Laguna Seca Travel Guide * Blathering about Buying a Used Bike for the Track

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MotoGPod 2007-12-14


Episode 107: Lots of E-Mail and Toby Moody! * Free E-mail Accounts * Free Kentucky Kid vid on iTunes! * Track Bikes Revisited * Indy MotoGP Travel Tips * Toby Moody Chats About Dakar

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MotoGPod 2007-11-30


Episode 105: Jerez Testing Chat and a Review of the Axio Fuse Backpack * Various Odds 'n' Ends * Chat with Jules About Jerez Test * Product Review! Axio Fuse 06 Hardpack

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MotoGPod 2007-11-16


Episode 104: If He's The Kentucky Kid, Am I the Oregon Old Guy? * Various Odds 'n' Ends * Chat with Kelly Welsh, Producer of "The Kentucky Kid" * CHat with Jules About a Variety of MotoGP Things

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MotoGPod 2007-11-09


Episode 103: Valencia Wrapup and a Chat with Chuck Aksland * Various Cool Listener Submitted Goodies * Valencia Wrapup with Jules * Darren Carpenter's Valencia Analysis * Chat with Chuck Aksland of Team KR

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MotoGPod 2007-11-02


Episode 102: The Aussie Episode * News and Valencia Preview * Chat with Thomas Reynolds, Australian freelance motojournalist * Interviews with Casey Stoner and Ant West!! (Not by me, unfortunately)

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MotoGPod 2007-10-26


Episode 101: Ship to Shore, Malaysia Review and a Big Ol' Conference Call * Silly Season Redux Redux * Why Ship-To-Shore Shouldn't Happen by David Emmett * Malaysia Wrapup. -ish. * Three Way Conference Call with Jules and Liam

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MotoGPod 2007-10-19


Episode 100: Well, It's the 100th Episode. What can I say? * Reader E-mail * Announcement from Team KR * MotoGP News * Malaysia Preview * Ridiclously Long Chat with Jules, including an Australian GP Wrapup

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MotoGPod 2007-10-12


Episode 99: Sad News, Regular News, Technique Segment and a Chat with Liam * Norick Abe News * MotoGP News and Brief Update on FP1 and 2 at Philip Island * Riding Technique with Advice from Darren Carpenter * Long Chat with Liam (recorded prior to

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MotoGPod 2007-10-05


Episode 98: Trackday Roundtable and Tech Segment on Pneumatic Valves * Listener E-Mail * MotoGP News * Tech Segment about pneumatic valves, written by Scott Jones * Bob's trackday at Thunderhill * Roundtable at the trackday

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MotoGPod 2007-09-28


Episode 97: Motegi Wrapup with Jules Cisek, Listener E-Mail and General Blathering * MotoGP News * Listener E-Mail * Bob and Jules go on and on about Motegi, but the audio quality takes a dive * Commentary by Jules about article

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