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MotoGPod 2009-04-24


Episode 174: MotoGP Motegi Preview and a Bit About WSBK at Assen * Interview with Scott Kolb and Chris Cosentino of the CosoMoto project * Motegi 2009 preview and predictions that we actually wrote down!

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MotoGPod 2009-04-17


Episode 173: It Never Rains In Qatar * Chat with Scott Jones, back from Qatar * Qatar 2009 Wet and Rainy Review

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MotoGPod 2009-04-10


Episode 172: WSBK Valencia Wrapup and Qatar Preview * Sad news from Australia * MotoGP rule changes * WSBK Valencia wrapup, sorta * Qatar/MotoGP 2009 Preview

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MotoGPod 2009-04-06


Episode 171: An Old Friend / A New Life * Listener Email * Jerez Official IRTA Test wrapup * A chat with an old friend

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MotoGPod 2009-03-27


Episode 170: Not really sure what it's about, to be honest... * Call with Jules! * Illegible notes! * Something about Cat Pants!

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MotoGPod 2009-03-20


Episode 169: World Supers Meets UFC and a Eugene Laverty Interview! * World Superbikes at Qatar! * Fun Deathmatch Silliness! * Another Great Eugene Laverty Interview!

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MotoGPod 2009-03-13


Episode 168: Don't forget the 2 strokes * 250cc and 125cc mini-reviews * Claiming Rule in Moto2 discussion * WSBK Qatar preview

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MotoGPod 2009-03-06


Episode 167: World Supers Philip Island and a Eugene Laverty Interview! * World Superdupers! * Eugene Laverty Interview

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MotoGPod 2009-02-27


Episode 166: World Supers Preview, News, and Contest Winners! * News! * Contest winners! * Club Racing! * MotoGP gossip! * World Superbike semi-preview!

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