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MotoPod 2012-05-02


Episode 317: Enough Already 00:18:17 Gavin Emmett (Dorna-contracted commentator) 01:00:54 James Whitham & Carl Fogarty (at the pub) 01:38:52 Brett McCormick (Effenbert Liberty WSBK, rehabbing in Canada after Assen crash) 02:08:50 Michael Czysz (of MotoCzy

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MotoPod 2012-04-25


Episode 316: A Soaked Cathedral 00:52:33 Kenny Noyes (PL Racing team of Madrid - Moto 2 Buckler CEV Spanish National Series) 01:01:41 Tommy Aquino (Fogi Racing - Moto 2 Buckler CEV Spanish National Series)

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MotoPod 2012-04-18


Episode 315: In-Between 00:31:52 Richard Stanboli (Attack Performance, leading the CRT effort for the US) 00:46:49 Pj Jacobsen (replacement rider for Pawel Szkopek on the Bogdangka PTR for Assen)

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MotoPod 2012-04-11


Episode 314: A Tale of Two Titles 0:40:45 Steve Rapp 1:23:58 Chris Walker 2:07:47 Mark Miller

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MotoPod 2012-04-04


Episode 313: With the Darkness, Comes Light 0:35:15 Dennis Noyes 1:35:09 Mark Bracks 2:05:14 James Whitham 2:30:00 Brett McCormick

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MotoPod 2012-03-28


Episode 312: Finally 0:45:53 Sylvain Guintoli 1:12:11 Elena Myers

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MotoPod 2012-03-21


Episode 311: GP Zero Heroes 00:05:22 Graeme Crosby 00:23:03 Scott Redding 00:35:06 David Emmett (aka Kropotkin) 01:31:47 Kenny Noyes

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MotoPod 2012-03-14


Episode 310: And… it's In The Rough 00:06:06 Ben Challenger 01:02:00 Brett McCormick

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MotoPod 2012-03-07


Episode 309: Previously on MotoPod… Roger Gunn, Troy Corser, Sheridan Morias, Broc Parkes, Lukas Pesek, Mark Aitchison, Carlo Fioroni

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