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MotoGPod 2008-05-16


Episode 128: China Wrapup, Le Mans Preview and General Chatter * Long Chat with Jules About All Sorts of Stuff

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MotoGPod 2008-05-13


Episode 127: Real Life with Motoliam A special episode featuring a long call with Liam Schubert giving us some important insights into his life with the MotoGP circus.

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MotoGPod 2008-05-09


Episode 126: The Championship So Far * Bob is back! * Championship Review with Darren Carpenter

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MotoGPod 2008-05-02


Episode 125: Motosports Photography * WSBK and MotoGP news * Day one Shanghai summary * Interview with Andrew Wheeler (professional motorsports photographer) * Interview with Scott Jones (amateur motorsports photographer)

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MotoGPod 2008-04-25


Episode 124: A Walk With Liam * More on Ducati bringing in Troy Bayliss and Max Biaggi to help with the GP8 * Lots of Suzuki news * WSBK races in Assen this weekend * A chat with Liam Schubert

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MotoGPod 2008-04-18


Episode 123: Estoril Wrapup * Estoril MotoGP and 250 races - short reviews * Discussion of Ducati and China rumours - 'cause we need more F1 like drama! * Chat with Liam Schubert about Estoril, China and the usual Liam Stuff

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MotoGPod 2008-04-12


Episode 122: The Return of Jim Race * Jules and Jim chit chat about WSBK Valencia and MotoGP Estoril * WSBK Valencia wrapup * MotoGP Estoril QP Wrapup and Race preview

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MotoGPod 2008-04-04


Episode 121: Jerez Wrapup * Jerez Wrapup with Jules * Jerez Results * Upcoming Schedule

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MotoGPd 2008-03-28


Episode 120: Jerez Preview * More about the Stoner Mystique * Jerez Preview

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