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MotoGPod 2006-05-24


Episode 61: French GP Wrapup and Jason DiSalvo Interview - This episode sponsored by Komodo at - * Reader E-Mail * Qualifying Report * Race Wrapup * Jason DiSalvo Interview

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Episode 60: When Everything goes Wrong. Mostly.Bobs computer explodes, Skype refuses to behave and Jim is tossed under the Bus. Meanwhile, Liam is off to LeMans. Chuckle....

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MotoGPod 2006-05-16


Episode 59: Chinese GP Race Wrapup and A Quick Remark On My Trackday * Qualifying report * Race report, thank you to Dave Sangster * A look at the championship standings * A few quick comments about my trackday

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MotoGPod 2006-05-12


Episode 58: Chinese GP Preview with Jim Race & Liam Shubert * Quick recap of Shanghai 2005 * Shameless plug for Liam's DVD * Track comments * Race picks and thoughts

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MotoGPod 2006-05-05


Episode 57: Lots of Input From Other People - This episode sponsored by Komodo at - * Reader E-Mail * Kenny Noyes Interview * Liam Shubert Update

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MotoGPod 2006-05-02


Episode 56: Turkish GP Wrapup - This episode sponsored by Komodo at - * Long Winded Intro * Qualifying Report * Race Wrapup

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MotoGPod 2006-04-28


Episode 55: Istanbul preview, and WSBK/AMA wrapup - This episode sponsored by Komodo at - * WSBK and AMA last weekend * Preview of Turkey MotoGP race

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MotoGPod 2006-04-21


Episode 54: Preview of Valencia WSBK and Barber AMA race* Jim Race's first "Alone" podcast* Interview with Liam Shubert* A short talk about clubracing

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MotoGPod 2006-04-14


Episode 53: Taking The Easy Way Out with Jim Race - This episode sponsored by Komodo at - * News Tidbits and Chatter * Liam Update, Including European Cellphone Protocol

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