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MotoGPod 2006-03-17


Episode 47: Jerez IRTA Official Test, Komodo Interview, and Liam Update-Plus, WIN Free Stuff!! * Jerez Test Report * Interview with Wayne Wilder of Komodo Gear * Liam Shubert Update!

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MotoGPod 2006-03-10


Episode 46: Barcelona IRTA Official Test and Laguna Seca Interview * News Tidbits * Barcelona Test Report * Review of "What If I Hadn't Tried It", by Jules Cisek * Interview with Laguna Seca PR Guys

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Michelle Dove MotoGPod Rant #1


Rant Episode 1: * TT riders: Just a Midlife Crisis? * Gibernau has lost it, if he ever even had it * How will Rossi do in F1?

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MotoGPod 2006-03-03


Episode 45: Qatar WSBK From Both Sides and a Conversation with Dreb * Qatar Superbike Eyewitness Report * Chat with Liam About Working in Qatar * Conversation with Dreb About AMA

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MotoGPod 2006-02-24


Episode 44: MotoGP/WSBK Comparo, SportVue, WSBK Qatar Quali * World Superbike Qatar Qualifying Session 1 Report * MotoGP/World Superbike comparo with Ross Flewell-Smith * Dominic Dobson/SportVue interview

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MotoGPod 2006-02-17


Episode 43: Back to Sepang * Liam Shubert update * Report on Sepang Test #3 * Interview with racer Kenny Noyes

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MotoGPod 2006-02-10


Episode 42: So, What Is That Firing Order, Anyway? - This episode sponsored by WISYNOIL at - * Qatar Test Report * Max McAllister suspension part 2 * Chuck Aksland interview

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MotoGPod 2006-02-03


Episode 41: P.I. Test, Liam update, and we talk with Max. No, not that Max... * News Update (Max, Carlos, and the gang...) * Liam Shubert interview * Tech Segment #5- Suspension part 2a (Max McAllister interview)

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MotoGPod 2006-01-27


Episode 40: Sepang Test #2 and Mert Lawwill Interview * Tasty News Tidbits * Max Tests Formula 1 Car * Tech Segment #4- Frame

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