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MotoGPod 2007-05-03


Jerez wrapup - Istanbul wrapup - chat with Motoliam - news

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MotoGPod 2007-03-19


Episode 75: The Season is Under Way, part 2 of the Chuck Aksland interview, a Qatar race report, a conversation with Liam Schubert, a bit of news and listener mail.

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MotoGPod 2007-02-19


Interviews with Liam Schubert, Andrea Oleari, and Alex Hoffman in Australia plus Chuck Aksland in England

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MotoGPod 2007-02-08


Episode 73: The 2006 Season and the 2007 Preseason * Motoliam on preseason * Popmonkey and Kropotkin's 2006 Season Review (Part I)

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MotoGPod 2006-12-25


Episode 72: End of 2006 Holiday Special * David Emmett’s 2007 pre-season summary + 2006 highs and lows * Interview with Colin Edwards * Interview with Andrew Wheeler, MotoGP Photographer * Indianapolis to host 2008 GP? * MotoGP rider entry list

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MotoGPod 2006-12-10


Episode 71: The Return of MotoGPod * quick update about Bob in Iraq * conversation with Liam Schubert (Motoliam)

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Episode 70 * Where has Jim Been?* Extended Mix Interview with MotoLiam of the Pramac D'antin MotoGP team* Info on Popmonkeys awesome USGP photos

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Episode 68: Middle of the Pack
* Donington Review
* Sachsenring Preview
* A mashup of various news, haphazardly presented.

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Episode 68: Assen Review with Jim Race* Injury Reports and Rider Substitutions* Donington Park Preview

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