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Episode 747: Thailand Title Chess


Ahead of the final MotoGP triple header starting at Sepang this weekend, Jim and Rich team up to discuss the previous round in Thailand. The championship fights remain super close in MotoGP and Moto3 so all to play for there as we wind ourselves towards Valencia later this month. The races in Thailand didn’t disappoint so grab a beverage and listen to the musings. Please like and subscribe and become a Patreon if you can. Thanks as always to show partner Roadskin. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 746: Wind and Rain at the Island


Jim rides solo on this quick update show. Rich was traveling home from Canada and the racing from the island was go good that Jim could not contain himself and just had to tell you all about it. As always the racing at the Island was fantastic but the weather was not. Weather concerns for Sunday meant that the 27 lap MotoGP race as run on Saturday. Everyone crossed their fingers and hoped that we would get the Moto3 race, Moto2 Race and the Sprint completed on Sunday before the weather turned bad. Surprise! We did not get all the racing completed before the wind blew us off the island. The Moto3 race was a last lap barn burner and the Moto2 race was red flagged before 2/3 distance was completed. The Motogp Sprint was canceled completely. Remember to check out RoadSkin for your riding apparel needs!

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Episode 745: Momentum Swings!


Rich and Jim talk through the second race of the first set of triple headers to end the 2023 season. It was all about momentum swings this weekend. In Moto3 they guys take about how riding with momentum in Moto3 is crucial when the pack is so close together. A first time winner emerged and and the championship leader maintained the momentum by increasing his points lead. In Moto2 momentum was all about having a race pace and Acosta and Canet had that most. With only 5 races left Acosta keeps gaining momentum. In MotoGP the momentum changed by the day, the hour and the minute as Martin and Pecco are locked in a fantastic battle for the world championship. Please remember to like and subscribe to the pod and check out for cool riding apparel.

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Episode 744: The Divorce is Final!


Rich and Jim discuss the divorce of Marc and HRC. It was a long time coming but now it is done and we can get back to the exciting championship battle in MotoGP. The guys talk about where Marc will ride next year and then speculate about the insane 2024 silly season that most likely will start at Qatar next year. They analyze the potential replacements that may take the second Repsol seat. Next news item is the conclusion of the KTM saga of where to put Pedro. Five Riders and 4 bikes was never going to work and so Pol is the odd man out. But Jack Miller has been given a warning that no contract is unbreakable. Is Jack out after 2024? Lastly, an injury update on the VR46 riders’ broken collarbones and of course Jim had to drag up F1 racing at Qatar just so he could talk about the new curbs. Remember to check out for excellent looking riding apparel!

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Episode 743: MotoGP Japan


Rich & Jim talk through the action from Motegi as the MotoGP championship fly-aways continue. Motegi offered up a variety of races and weather conditions whilst certain off track moves continued to dominate the headlines. All get discussed, along with the intriguing question as to just what is inside those supposed can of energy drink?! Please like and subscribe and become a Patreon if you can. Thanks as always to show partner Roadskin. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 742: MotoGp Races in India!


JIm and Rich settle in for a chat about MotoGp racing at a "new circuit". The Buddh circuit in India. The track isn't a new facility as Formula 1 had raced there in the past but it was a new event for MotoGP. The weather was hot and humid and the action on tack was a bit lackluster. Even Moto3 was a little dull except for the last lap. Was it the heat, the humidity, or the track? The guys talk through it to try to figure it out. Moto2 was the Perdro show and there was heartbreak for Jake. Tony was looking like his old self but is it to late for his Championship? Lastly MotoGP threw us a reverse card as the Hondas looked racey. Mir had his best weekend on the Honda and Marc scored a bronze metal in the sprint. Remember MotoPod is proudly brought to you by Roadskin; a UK label specialising in protective outerwear for motorcyclists; modern biker clothing that you can wear all day long and engineered to save YOUR skin. For the road, for life; visit

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Episode 741: MotoGP Misano: They Can’t All Be Classics


Jim and Rich are back to talk about the recent MotoGP round in Misano, as well as the post-race test which saw major focus on Honda and Yamaha’s preparations for the 2024 season. Moto3 race aside, not a classic weekend of racing so good to discuss some listener feedback and round up the recent news. Please like and subscribe and become a Patreon if you can. Thanks to show partner Roadskin. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 740: Cloudy with a Chance of Great Racing!


Jim and Rich break down the racing from Catalunya. The Moto3 race was a real thriller that had a bonkers last lap. Another last corner lead change saw Alonso take his second victory of the season and Oncu get penalized. In Moto2 the intrigue was great as the race had three distinct parts. Dixon rode a calculated race to grab a victory and Acosta increased his points lead. In the MotoGP sprint race Aprilia scored a victory at Espargaro's home track. On Sunday a crazy first corner crash and a violent high side in from of the entire pack by Bagnaia left hearts in mouths. In the restarted race Aleix would win again after passing his teammate Maverick. It was Aprilia 's first double podium in history. What a great weekend of racing!

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Episode 739: The Forgotten Show!


Jim and Rich finally are able to get together to record a show! We apologize for the long gap but Rich was "pushing water uphill" and Jim was burning the candle at both ends. They guys spend the opening of the show talking about the rider silly season. They bring everyone up to speed on what they know to be true but then do what they do best, speculate where Pedro Acosta will ride next year. Silverstone race review is up next and what a cracking weekend that was. It was classic British summer and the Moto3 boys did not disappoint. Then it was the MotoGP riders turn and that race was a good one as well. Moto2 ended the day with a new rider leading the points. Moving on to the Austria round the guys are excited about the Moto3 race as the last lap was one of the best of the season so far. With the excitement of Moto3 over the Moto2 class produced a surprise winner. What would the MotoGP race have to offer? Well nothing sadly. Grab a cold beer as this show is quite a long one! Please remember to like and subscribe to the Pod!

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