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Episode 720: World Superbikes, With Greg Haines


Rich is joined on the show this week by Greg Haines from Eurosport to discuss all things World Superbike. The 2023 season is only 2 rounds old but already the competitive order is becoming clear so Rich & Greg chat in detail about each of the manufacturers, their form and prospects. Its an in-depth discussion and will hopefully generate some feedback and questions from the listeners. More interviews are coming so please like, subscribe and donate to the show if you can as every contribution helps us to grow and plan more great content. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 719: MotoGP Testing & Asher Durham


Rich & Jim catch up to discuss the recent 3 day MotoGP test in Sepang, who’s looking strong and which teams may find the early rounds tough going. Although the WSBK season is now well underway there’s also a quick chat about the Philip Island test which took place before the first round, as well a brief conflab on the merits and pitfalls of our increasing social media activities! Rich then talks with Asher Durham, who will ride this year for G&S Racing in the ultra-competitive Stock 600 series in BSB. Rich & Asher discuss his career and experiences to date and the various pressures facing young riders as they climb the ladder in the national championships, hopefully en route to international success. Please support and follow Asher on Twitter: @AsherD64 and on Instagram: asher_d64. Please send us any feedback and like/subscribe via your podcast provider of choice. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 718: The Maddi Interview!


In this episode Rich and Jim had the pleasure of talking to Maddie Patterson (nee Scordia) about MotoGP. Maddi is a journalist working in the MotoGP paddock and gave us some incredible insight into the inner workings of the sport we love. We talk about the product, the riders personalities, sprint races, and many other topics. Maddi was gracious enough to give us over 90 minutes of her time and we can't thank her enough. Jim wants to mention that Maddi was in the hotel lobby on dodgy WiFi and there are some points where she breaks up for a second or two. Also there is some background noise that can be heard as well. So stop reading and start listening! Socials: Maddi: @Maddi_Paddy on Twitter Richard: @RichardJowitt on Twitter and Instagram Jim: @MotoRGV on Twitter and Instagram

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Episode 717: M3 Top Tens & Scott Ogden


Rich & Jim are back together to catch up on recent news and to run through their respective top 10 rider lists for the 2022 Moto3 season. Continuing the Moto3 theme, Rich catches up with Scott Ogden from Michael Laverty’s Visiontrack Racing Team to discuss his first year in the world Championship and to look ahead to 2023. A fascinating chat with one of Britain’s fast rising stars. Please send us any feedback or questions and remember to give the show a rating on your podcast provider of choice. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 716: James Haydon


This week Rich is joined on the pod by James Haydon, former GP500, BSB and WSBK rider and more recently a member of the Eurosport commentary team. James enjoyed a long career across multiple classes and has many a story to tell, from the evil 500cc 2 strokes, to fire emitting triples, 4 stroke superbikes and even a brief stint on the V5 Roberts MotoGP bike. Along the way, James won lots of races, but suffered many knocks and set backs. All in all, a fascinating discussion with a top bloke and one that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. As ever, please subscribe to the show and donate if you can. And do please send us your comments and questions for discussion on the upcoming pods. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 715: The Skyler Chat


Skyler stops by and chats with Jim about all kinds of things. We talk about work, family, mountain biking, IMSA, sim racing, MotoAmerica, and MotoGP. It was a fun chat! So settle in and we hope you enjoy it. Please send us any feedback or questions and remember to give the show a rating on your podcast provider of choice.

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Episode 714: MotoGP Discussion With Martin Darlington


Martin returns to MotoPod to talk with Rich about MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, focussing on the 2022 championships but also looking forward to some of the mouth watering prospects that await once the 2023 seasons get underway. Martin pays his own tribute to Andrew Wheeler and gives some insights into life in Qatar when a major show is in town. The lads also get into some fantasy track discussions, with each selecting the tracks they would drop and the tracks they would bring in as replacements. Let us know your thoughts and choices. As ever, it’s a fairly long chat so settle in and we hope you enjoy it. Please send us any feedback or questions and remember to give the show a rating on your podcast provider of choice. Zoom Zoom…….

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Episode 713: Moto America Special


Scott chats with Jim about Moto America. They review the past season. Decide if the presence of Petrucci was good or bad for the series. Then they take a look into the future. Is Moto America getting better year over year? How can it be improved? What can be done to help our young talent get to the world stage. Will the racing be better with the return of Cam? It's a great conversation that has many tangents. So grab a beer and enjoy the chat!

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Episode 712: New Year Excitement & 2022 Moto2 Rider Rankings


For the first show of 2023, Jim and Rich look back at the Moto2 season and give their top ten rider rankings, as well as handing out some wooden spoons. There’s also a little bit of MotoGP news and intrigue as 2024 silly season ideas start to emerge. The next show will feature Jim and Rich’s top 10 riders in Moto3 to conclude the look back on 2022 before attention starts to shift towards the upcoming season openers. Please rate, subscribe and donate to the show if you can. Head over to Zoom Zoom…….

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